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..parkn’ complications!

Posted: March 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

[First Paragraph deleted on purpose]

…At least I get to appreciate the grandeur of this park!  Watch how people are happy.. Jogging.. Exercising.. Enjoying each other’s company..  Life’s beautiful.. It becomes even more beautiful when someone else appreciates if on your behalf..  Too bad I couldn’t smoke here.. Otherwise, it could have been perfect!

I could risk getting caught smoking.. Risk?  I tried taking one and just recently.. Didn’t turn out alright..  Funny how bein’ here reminds me of my life.. This park is a microcosm of my story.. Of my existence..

Life’s beautiful.. For everyone in here.. Except for that bird who’s alone inside that cage..  Life revolves happily outside his coop.. Goes on without him being part of it.. I wonder.. Does that bird realize his worth being inside a barred enclosure and seeing how life can evolve without him?  Everyone seems happy.. He is not.. Not that he’s miserable, or sad.. Sadness is not the opposite of happiness..

On his perception, insignificance is the anti-thesis of happiness..  Are you ok lil’ bird?  Too bad he can’t talk.. Otherwise, I’d order a beer and start talkin’ bout how he deals with his predicament.. I might learn a few things from this seemingly ordinary bird..

“I have learned a valuable lesson..  Life’s beautiful.. If you are willing to take risks.. Life goes on.. Even if you are not part of it.. You can’t have everything that you desire.. Or the ones that are really important to you..  You can’t be happy.. If you are insignificant to the persons that really matter.. Happiness?  It’s all good.. But happiness, in all its essence, is complicated.. Life’s complicated..”

Want to talk about complications?