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Posted: August 12, 2008 in Love
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I hid myself with a cloak of obscurity;
Knowing that somehow ‘tis much safer;
When everything’s nothing but shadows;
Then a twinge will find itself a stranger.


I spent a stretch accompanied by solitary;
Believing that being is considered by bother;
Where dealings end up once cruelty blows;
Destiny will find itself smile a little frailer.


I thrived where I was unscathed by severity;
Feeling pompous like a soul made clever;
But ‘tis often convoyed by jesters’ guffaws;
Yet unpleased by a grit that ended paler.


I found a spur with fortune’s ambiguity;
Reflective ‘bout a heart’s plight that’s richer;
Through a gemstone that a moment slows;
Contentment turns shade a bit brighter.


I lost refuge with in a desolate sanctuary;
Realizing that life isn’t about being lesser;
Because when fate would sometimes shows;
Love always makes a soul strive for better.